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Simple Weight Tracker

ScaleBook is an iPhone application that lets you track your weight in a simple and safe environment (no goals, no judgement or notifications). It was designed with privacy and accessibility in mind.

Developing this application was an opportunity to learn about the HealthKit API, architecture best practices and UI testing.


Hand-Drawn Emoji Classifier

MLMOJI is a Swift Playground Book exploring hand drawing and image classification. Using a neural network, it recognizes the emoji you draw.

The neural network was trained from scratch, using data augmentation and transfer learning. Leveraging the features of the Swift Playrgound Book format, it brings machine learning to life and provides a guided intro to data augmentation.


General-purpose contextual cards for iOS

BulletinBoard is an open-source iOS library to present cards to the user. It has an interface similar to the new iOS instant configuration UI and is designed to fit the system look and feel.

The library provides a great level of customization. Programmers can customize the appearance of the card, and add their own controls, such as date pickers and collection views to create a unique experience for their apps.

Building and maintaining BulletinBoard, I extended my knowledge about Auto Layout, view controller transitions and API design.


JavaScriptCore replacement for WKWebView

JavaScriptKit provides a type-safe interface to the JavaScript runtime for WebKit views. It handles global functions, variables and custom scripts.


HTML escaping and unescaping in Swift

HTMLString is a Swift library that escapes and unescapes HTML sequences, such as &. I wrote it to power a server-side RSS parser and push notifications server.